Yes, People Really Don’t Understand Why Chief Wahoo is Problematic

Have you noticed how the definition of political correctness has shifted over the past couple years? Back in the good ole days (2015), you had to do something like saying “sportspersonship” instead of “sportsmanship”. Times were hard. But now, according to the flaming cesspool that is twitter dot com, you just have to be against racist caricatures and depictions of groups.

It puzzles me how people don’t understand the issue with the Chief Wahoo logo. The argument is valid that the origin of calling a team something like the Illini or the Vikings or the Indians is to, in a vague sense, honor that group. It’s supposed to show you’re brave and courageous, because the Vikings or the Illini tribe were brave. The Indians’ logo completely abandoned that when it was drawn to look like no human being has ever looked. Look at the difference between how some groups are portrayed in logos:




Versus Chief Wahoo:


How can human beings with working eyeballs not see how those portrayals are different? The first three groups that are portraying white guys make them look like superheros. Chief Wahoo looks like a cartoon character. I mean they made the Friar look like he’s gang banging! He’s a monk! And imagine if instead of that West Virginia logo, this was the West Virginia logo:

west virginia.jpg

Y’all would be up in arms, and rightfully so. Lastly, it’s not really up to Cleveland fans to decide whether or not Chief Wahoo is offensive. It’s actually up to the people it’s depicting to decide. They’re just about unanimously against it. Just because something doesn’t offend you doesn’t mean it’s not offensive. For example, if someone were to say “Saint Louis pizza is just a greasy pan of garbage”, I would not be offended. But even though I agree with that statement, I’d understand if Saint Louis pizza establishments were offended, because they’re the ones being depicted by that statement.

Cleveland fans are probably worried now about picking a new logo. It’s fine. Your boy has you covered.

Maybe your famous burning river:

burning river.jpg

Or your famous pipe god:

jr smith shirtless.jpg

Or you just go the way of the Browns, and pick the single most uncontroversial thing in the world (a color) so that you can keep yourself out of the news for a little while:


Or, and listen closesly, we circle the wagon and talk about that JR Smith idea again:

jr smith 1.jpg



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