“Ball In The Family” Is About To Run The Kardashians Off The Air

There’s a 10/10 chance I’m biased coming into this. But Ball in the Family’s the absolute best reality show I’ve ever watched. Not even doing a shtick, it’s captivating. When they first announced it, I thought it would be some lame following them around documentary. Even though it’s Lavar, I still didn’t know how open they would be. But yowzas, they’re doing it. Let’s break down the best parts of the show.

Lavar’s relationship with Tina

Tina is the mother of the Ball’s and Lavar’s wife of course. There were the reports about Lavar keeping his kids from her after she suffered a massive stroke, which I regretfully wrote about. That’s BS, and you know it from the instance you see the two of them interact. Lavar loves ole girl, and it’s one of those things you can just sense. Granted, I don’t know that taking it upon himself to do all the speech therapy for Tina instead of a professional is the best idea. But at the same time, it speaks to who he is. Dude really sets a hell of an example to his sons on how they should treat their future wife, which is what all great fathers do.

Lonzo and Denise’s relationship

The longer this show goes on, the less and less of a chance there is that these two stay together. Within the first like 10 minutes one of Lonzo’s friends say Lonzo has 4 girlfriends. And then the next episode. Lamelo implies Lonzo’s new apartment would be great for bringing back bitties to. And I have the feeling they barely edit this show at all, so eventually something’s going to sneak out that’s a little more concrete about what Lonzo’s getting into. And it’ll be so good for ratings, but so bad for my girl Denise, whom I feel obliged to show a picture of:

D$ is so baaack

A post shared by Denise Garcia (@dmoney0414) on


A post shared by Denise Garcia (@dmoney0414) on


A post shared by Denise Garcia (@dmoney0414) on

Obviously a smoke, but that’s beyond the point. It’s just fascinating to watch the two of them interact. Because you think of Lonzo Ball, and he’s about to be playing against Lebron James and Kevin Durant and making millions of dollars next year. But at the same time, he’s 19. And so is his girlfriend. So their relationship is very much like what relationships are when you’re 19, which feels below him as an NBA star, but is obviously fitting due to their age.

Denise is going to be one of your favorite people in the whole show, I promise that. One wild thing she does harp on though is that “Lonzo’s lied to me in the past”, but that it wasn’t about him cheating with other girls. In terms of relationships or friends or acquaintances, I’d say there’s no one that I’ve never told a lie to. Which hopefully doesn’t look bad on my character, but everyone lies to each other at one point or another. Not like I’ve told huge lies to everyone I know. But just small stuff, like “yeah that was a funny article you wrote on Crossover Report dot com”? You gotta bend the truth here and there. Maybe Denise is talking about more serious lies? But what kind of lie could he have told her that would’ve pissed her off so much that wasn’t about him with another girl? We’re going to find out hopefully, and I can’t wait.

One thing you need to know about your boy is that he loves gossip. Like a 15 year old girl, I live for gossip. Not proud of it, but it’s just a statement of fact. Thus the reason this section was so long. And thus the reason I’m puuuuuuuumped for them to start getting caught on TMZ and gossip sites. All tips on their relationship should be sent all the way into our DMs.

The rest of the Ball family

We know everything there is to know about Lavar and the boys, and even Tina. But getting to know about Lavar’s dad? His brothers? Their business partners? They’re all the same people, just in different situations and stages in life. I crave more Balls (there was simply no way around that one, we just have to move past it together).

Watch out Kim and Khloe and Kris and whoever else you’ve got on your roster. Because there’s a new first family of reality television.

lavar ball family.jpg





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