Song of the Day, August 19th: Bad Bitch x @RafaelCasal

Just wish the title didn’t have to be so harsh, is that so much to ask? That I can tell people the name of the song in public? That was Bobby Shmurda’s biggest issue. A big part of the population couldn’t say the name of his most famous song. It’s not a stretch to say that alone put him in prison.

We got off track. Per usual, this is my first interaction with Rafael Casal, and it’s not bad. I’m a sucker for when musical artists sing the notes of a song (like the dun dun duh-duh–duh part (that sentence alone is why this website hasn’t taken off yet)). Even though the raps themselves aren’t anything that knock you off your seat, the production’s really good. So even if it’s not an incredible rap, it’s a good song. 


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