Lebron Had The Funniest 15 Seconds of DJ’ing In Human History This Weekend

I screamed when he said “scream that shit”. He was hyping up the YMCA like it’s Know Yourself and the “running through the 6 with my woes” part was about to hit.

Are the Nike checks bouncing? Blaze pizza stock is nosediving? Bron blew his money on workout equipment? Just throwing out ideas for why Lebron’s DJ’ing a high school party, with what’s definitely a fake turntable. If you look below the table, I promise you it’s just someone’s phone plugged into the aux. No different than the 17 year old son of your grade school teacher that “DJ’d” that first awkward Junior High dance. They slipped Bron $25 and said to just play the classics (YMCA, Cha Cha Slide, things of that nature) and one slow song when things start to wrap up at 8:30. Bet if we kept the tape rolling, we’d see them chiding Bron to play the clean version of Low by Flo Rida.


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