I tweeted Steph Curry’s not a superstar, and lived to tell the story

Was just having a relaxing Sunday. Slept in til 12 for the first time in maybe 5 years. Hopped on the old Twitter dot com to pass the time, and fired off what I thought was a harmless take about Steph Curry:

A damn near nothing burger. Not even like a hot hot hot take. Just a take. Folks came out the woodworks guns blazing.


I especially appreciated the career advice from what seems like a very legitimate career advisor:

And fine, some takes made along the way were maybe not the most refined takes:

There were legitimately 400-500 more replies, but I didn’t have the energy to sift through all of them.

But this was the most mind-boggling reply of them all:

People on Twitter act like they’re coming home from school or work and watching film for 12 hours. Y’all have no other interests than just basketball? You don’t care about politics, or music, or culture, or anything? You come home and read 10,000 word articles about the deep analytics of Steph Curry’s game? Whom is that fun for. If not knowing Steph Curry’s defensive plus/minus per 36 minutes off the top of my head makes me a casual basketball fan, then shoot I’m a casual basketball fan. Someone was sending me graphs of deep analytics in our DMs about Steph. Like I’m not going to read all that man, so I guess I’m not a “junkie” (btw, drugs are bad kids).

The worst thing about  basketball Twitter is that you get the talking heads who have “writer: @hoopshabit” or “basketball stuff: @somefansidedblog” in their bio, and because of that they figure their take is somehow far superior than everyone else’s. Like that kind of stuff validates their take more than just anybody who watches basketball. Getting a gig with one of these sites is the easiest thing in the entire world. Like good for you, you’re chasing your dream of being a basketball writer. I’ve worked for a fansided blog too, and it’s really the only logical first step in a blogging career. It helps you learn SO MUCH about what gets stats, how to write articles, how to use WordPress, etc. (shoutout Patrick Karraker and ArchAuthority.com if they’re reading this). Everyone starts somewhere, and nowadays that’s the best option. But 75% of the basketball guys from those accounts never have a single original thought. Ever. It’s just constant manufactured blandness. They write one article about the Rockets, and all of a sudden they think they’re Marc Stein. “Well Steph won back to back MVPs, so he must be a superstar, this is the dumbest take ever you know nothing” or “Look at how many threes he made, this is the stupidest take ever” are the only things they’ve said in our mentions. Have one original feeling. Go out on a limb one time in your entire life. I’ve got the editor of Basketball Breakdown and all their contributors in my mentions calling us dumb, good for y’all. Keep sitting around agreeing with each other’s takes, I’m sure that’s going to get you real far in life! Right now, you’re probably getting more clicks than our website is. You’re definitely making more money than our website is (I legit have no clue how ads work). But the ceiling on your career is being the high school basketball beat writer for a newspaper in Ohio. Which if you’re happy about, God bless you. I’m cool with getting criticized for a take, or arguing on Twitter about it. That’s great, that’s what Twitter’s for. I thought most of it was fun. Folks were legitimately angry that I even made the take, which in my mind, is a good thing. How are you ever going to stand out and progress in life if you just agree with everyone because you feel like you have to? The condescending nature and pretentiousness of sooooooo many of those guys is ridiculous. Dude’s get a few clicks and all of a sudden think they’re Shea Serrano. Again, not all of them! A lot of them are cool! But you know the kind of person I’m talking about. Go ahead and criticize people’s takes. But the dudes telling me to go get AIDS because I made a take? (I can’t find this tweet because I think the kid deleted it, but I promise it occurred). Why are you getting so mad about a tweet? Like folks got madder at my tweet about Steph Curry than they do about institutional racism. We’re all in the business of hot takes, y’all gotta realize that. Sometimes that means you take a tweet to the farthest end, because that’s the only way to make the point that’s at the center of it. Don’t take yourself so seriously. You’re not a basketball reporter because you put up a weekly article about your Free Agency thoughts. You’re a blogger like the rest of us.

Woof, good, we got that off of our chest. Granted, some of it had nothing to do with the Steph argument, but more to do with how people on Twitter carry themselves. Shall we go back to the Steph take? And break that down real quick? Okay. It’s pretty tame, and understandable. Steph’s a very very good player. He’s a star, there’s no doubt there. But to me, a superstar is someone that you can put on any team, and that team can win their conference and contend for a championship. Most teams in the NBA, you put Steph on them, and they’re just average. Which isn’t to completely discredit everything he’s done. It’s not like if you put Mario Chalmers on the Warriors, he’d be doing the same thing. It takes a special talent to do what he’s done. But it’s a system, and the rest of the teams in the league don’t have that system in place. Without Draymond to distribute and Klay (and now KD) to spread the floor, we wouldn’t see the numbers that Steph’s had. Lebron on Brooklyn still averages 28-8-8. You put KD on Brooklyn, he still gets 30 per game. Steph? Maybe he still gets the same points, but the averages go way way way down. That’s not even that hot of a take.

So please, keep coming at your boy. Bring your fastball though. Unfollow me (we lost a solid 2 dozen followers on Sunday lmao), block me, whatever you’ve gotta do to get through the day. Keep making those lukewarm takes. See you on the blogosphere.


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