Appetizers, But For Breakfast

Appetizers are awesome. Warming up your stomach for food is just smart science, trust me, I do school. Get those muscles moving around and the blood flowing. It’s just necessary.

So with that wealth of science knowledge at your finger tips now, riddle yourself this: why don’t we do that for breakfast? Appetizers are the foods that aren’t big enough to be a full meal, but are too big to be a side. We’re talking nachos, hot wings, potato skins.

Translate that to breakfast, and we’re doing waffles, pancakes, hashbrowns, casserole squares, maybe some small muffins? Just spitballing here, don’t persecute me for not having all the answers right away. Breakfast appetizers are a process, and we’re going to figure it out one way or another. You need something to drink with your coffee while you’re waiting for the main course. Maybe I open up a restaurant JUST for breakfast appetizers, just to spite the haters. LIKE A BREAKFAST TAPAS SITUATION????? My bank account’s pumped about its future right now.


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