How Many Years Away From A Non-Lebron vs. Warriors Finals Are We?

NBA free agency and hashtag trade szn has more or less come and gone, and now we’re left in this limbo of the sports schedule where there’s the X-Games on for the 144th time this year and like some American Ninja Warrior (we’ve all been on a couch on a Thursday night trying to convince ourselves American Ninja Warrior is even the slightest bit entertaining).

So since we have this gap, let’s argue about the future! What the NBA offseason does every year is get folks riled up about who could make the Finals. When in reality, it doesn’t matter if the teams involved aren’t the Golden State Warriors or the Cavs. And honestly, I don’t know if it’s going to matter for another, say, half decade?

We’ve got the normal underdogs that people get all in their britches about. Sure, the Rockets added Chris Paul, and that moved their odds up to like 11/1 to win the championship. Sure, the Celtics added Gordon Hayward, and snuck a couple odds forward to 11/1 or so. And sure, if you’re trying to get the best value for your underdog bet, those are the right options (this review was helpful for me). And then those teams people start to convince themselves about the more and more we don’t have sports on TV. Relative to the Cavs, the Raptors stink. The Wizards stink. Relative to the Warriors, the Clippers stink. Even the Spurs? Meeehhhhhh Lamarcus Aldridge doesn’t twinkle my toes.

Those teams don’t have Lebron James, or aren’t the Warriors, and thus don’t matter. I don’t like telling people they don’t matter, but sometimes it’s necessary. Tough love. So unless Lebron goes to one of them, they won’t be in the Finals for a decade (considering Bron doesn’t go to the Western Conference, which, dear god, please don’t). At the beginning, I put it at 6 years until we see a Finals without it being Bron vs. Warriors, and that’s a conservative estimate. We could go another decade with them playing against each other. Like 2-3 more presidential elections? (math is hard). Cars will be flying? We’ll be living on Mars??? And we’ll still be watching Bron vs. the Warriors in the Finals????



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