Kevin Durant Embarrassed Himself With Some Bud Light In The Post-Game Celebration

And then there was this:

In his defense, 28 year olds shouldn’t drink Bud Light. Draymond Green’s so comfortable with it, because he still hangs out with 19 year olds at Michigan State college bars. 

First off, as someone who’s never done the Stone Cold move, I’m embarrassed that KD couldn’t crack those open. I feel like if you give me two of anything, and tell me hit them together until they break, I’m accomplishing it in, what, 10-45 seconds? Tops? You have to step up to the plate and at least put the ball in play. Doesn’t have to be done well, just has to be done. If you can’t make liquid spawn out of that thing, you’re not a true man.

And then spitting out the Bud Light? My man, that’s what the stone cold move is made for, so that you don’t actually drink the beer. Just pour it on your face, that’s much better than sipping the beer and spitting it out. Gotta be better.


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