This Steve Kerr Quote About Old Players Saying They Could Beat The Warriors Is Phenomenal

Pains me to go on the side of Steve Kerr, but here we are. Because it’s true, and why people don’t understand it is one of the great mysteries of our generation. Games evolve, they have to. And players build upon what players before them did. It’s like cars. Would you say that cars from the 60s are better than cars from today? Like physically perform better. Not are cooler, or peak your interest more. But like, do the job of a car better? Of course you wouldn’t. Because they can’t possibly be. Just the same, players from the 60s can’t possibly be better than players today. Even from the 70s, 80s, or even 90s. Sure, there’s a small handful that are transcendent. But just like cars must be better nowadays, players must be better.

Athletes improve, and the sport becomes more refined. You see what generations before you have done wrong, and you don’t make the same mistakes. Which doesn’t discredit what they did, by any sense. It just validates that our society’s still working, because we’re progressing instead of taking steps backwards.

P.S. I had some very bad takes on old people this weekend that people weren’t necessarily fawning over:


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