JR Smith Tweets “Cavs in 7” Immediately Post-Game


Let’s do this damn thing then. JR still hasn’t changed out his jersey yet. Hasn’t talked to his wife. Nothing. Honestly, I wasn’t feeling great about this series. It went from so high to so low so quickly. KD’s stupid good. The Warriors spacing and passing are stupid good. And sometimes the Cavs are just stupid. But after a JR tweet? Ready to run through a wall. WE’RE COMING FOR YOU STEPH.

UPDATE: JR deleted the tweet. AKA Lebron made him delete the tweet (screenshot below). Fine. Not pleased with the decision, because only cowards and people that make spelling errors delete tweets. But I know where Pipe God’s heart is at. And that’ll help me convince myself by tomorrow that the Cavs can come back and win this thing.jr smith cavs in 7.jpg


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