The Internet Remains Undefeated, Finds Adam Silver’s Secret Twitter Account

Via @5kl/Medium:

There is one NBA Twitter account though that doesn’t have a lot of follower: @NBAPR. However, it’s a protected account meaning you can’t see who follows that account. Normally. I was able to see a list of the followers though, looking for accounts that stood out. The first thing I looked for:


Silver wasn’t going to put any identifying information on his profile. But it was probably going to have a handle that would be familiar to him. So I started looking through the accounts and handles that would make the most sense for him while ruling out some weird accounts that somehow were approved to follow the official PR account of the NBA.

The first one that stood out to me was this one:

Why? One, it had NYC as the location. It followed a lot of people but didn’t have many followers.

So what is Milton Point? Well, if you Google “Milton Point” and “Adam Silver,” you get this page.

On that page, it has details of Rye, NY. A notable person from Rye? Adam Silver.


Further down the page is a mention of Milton Point. It’s not directly related, but it’s something to go on.

Since I can’t see who @MiltonPoint follows or who follows him, I had to see if anyone mentioned that account. And lo and behold:

I struck Silver.

Who is Owen Silver? None other than Adam Silver’s brother.

I can’t even tell you how pressed I am that I didn’t find this first. After I saw the story that he had a secret account, I was clicking on every egg in the followers list of every cousin-in-law of Adam Silver, looking for something. At this moment, I’m even running some sort of Twitter triangulation thing on some accounts I thought only he’d follow, but so far no sauce (what a smoking gun that’ll be if I can prove this guy wrong though). This whole story of finding @miltonpoint seems to jump around pretty quickly, but that tweet from the brother’s a huge one. That damn near seals the deal. I really wish, though, that our society could be okay with a commissioner just having a normal account and tweeting what he wants from it. Like let Adam be the one replying with 37 trash emojis to a Bleacher Report tweet on Steph Curry without all the journalists and reporters losing their minds.

The bigger story’s that Twitter, and the internet, remains undefeated in investigations. Literally a better record all-time than the Harlem Globetrotters. You could post a closeup of a peanut butter sandwich, and the Internet will tell you within 12 hours the geolocation of said sandwich. Just incredible. Maybe we just transfer the FBI to a collection of people on Twitter, Reddit, and whatever 4Chan is (countless times I’ve tried to figure it out, and it’s just so confusing). We’d be solving crimes before they even happen.


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