Wearing A Curry Jersey Under Your Cavs Shirt Is A Preposterous Way To Dress For A Game

curry jersey under cavs jersey.jpg

The mom’s never been more disappointed in her life. Like she’s been telling him all day that he can wear the Curry, but he’s got to keep it under wraps. Celtics got that lead for a minute last night, and the kid said “it’s time for me to get back on my bandwagon bullshit”. All around an incredible photo. I’m not huge on the “all Cavs fans are bandwagon fans”  train, just because I stick by my Midwestern brethren, and they’ve watched so many terrible teams in their times that they deserve the benefit of the doubt. So just to set the record, he’s a Cleveland fan by heart, but a Golden State fan by feeling in my book. Either way this surely isn’t a good look for them. On the flipside, shoutout to this kid for being an opportunist. As preposterous as it is to look at yourself in the mirror, and then walk out in this nonsense, he’s a young man who seizes opportunities. Saw the Cavs might be slipping, and said “let me latch onto  winning team before it’s too late”.


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