There’s A Wild But True Theory That Ryan Anderson’s Colorblindness Hurts His Shooting %s

Via r/NBA:

I’ve been researching why ryan anderson seems to struggle so much at home vs away: His shooting splits at home vs away this season:


FG%: 37.0 3PT%: 33.2 FT%: 77.3%


FG%: 46.1 3PT%: 46.7% FT%: 92.9%

I hadn’t heard about this problem before but as a half color blind person myself, I’m aware that color plays a role in depth perception. Red-green color blindness is a common form.

You can read in that “Color does impact our depth perception even though it is a relatively weak indicator and is not necessarily the overriding depth cue for complex, realistic objects.” Some more real life examples include pilots having to take color tests due to depth perception being incredibly important.

I believe Ryan anderson’s struggles at home are a result of his depth perception being skewed as he perceives the basket is closer than it really is. Depth cues like the red padding behind the basket and lines distort his depth perception and thus affect his ability to accurately gauge the distance between himself and the basket.

This could have been some anomaly, but I thought about which other teams had a predominantly red court. Chicago comes to mind. His career shooting splits in chicago?


FG%: 33.5 3PT%: 29.1% FT%: 87%

For reference, his career shooting splits:

FG%: 42.3% 3PT%: 38.1% FT%: 86.1%

Here’s a theory that I can get behind. Because it’s the kind of conspiracy theory that I’m going to blindly (pun 100% attended) follow, without doing an ounce of research. Sure, we could go look at Ryan Anderson’s games in red arenas, and see how he’s missing. According to this Redditor, his misses should be short a majority of the time. But that’s never going to happen. I could look at his averages in Toronto, or maybe from somewhere he played in college. But again, just not going to happen. If this is true, you have to fire the GM and head of scouting, or whoever makes decisions on players. Because this shouldn’t be coming out from some random Redditor with nothing to do. This is the type of analytics that has to come up in your research, or else you’re not doing your job right. Like if a guy can’t play at altitude, you probably don’t try to sign him in Denver. This is on you, Daryl Morey.


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