There’s a 99% Chance the Cavs Just Don’t Care About This Series

Last night was weird, unlike any game I’ve seen this season. It felt like the Cavs were up a million, until they lost. Even looking at the scoreboard and seeing the Celtics down 2, it felt like a long 2 that they were down.

And the Cavs, and most importantly Lebron, deserve a lot of credit for losing, and all due credit to the Celts as well for how they fought. But these takes that the Cavs played bad, or that Lebron choked are just wrong. Because the clear truth, is that the Cavs just didn’t care. They’re looking ahead. Mess around and sit Lebron their starters for Game 4. Maybe that’s not a good excuse, and some people will use that to feed their Lebron narrative (“Jordan would never!)(Except that time he quit on his team to go play baseball for a whole season). But the shooting a million threes? Lebron taking 4 shots in the last 16 minutes of the game? They just don’t care about this series. Maybe this is a good wakeup call, a good reminder what it feels like to lose. But it’s nothing more than that.


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