Should I Move To China To Play In Their Arena Football League? Let’s Investigate

The combine was yesterday, so fine I missed my shot for this year. But let’s talk 2018. From what I’ve seen, this may be my path to professional sports while I wait on the NBA to get back to me. There’s maybe 2 pictures of this league that have crossed my radar, and it’s quite clear I’m MVP if I go play there. Look at how ole boy is holding that ball like a loaf of bread. No points of contact. So low and loose, nowhere near high and tight. Just screaming GIMME.

Then there’s this guy:

chinese football league.jpg

What position is he playing. You can’t give me an answer. If he’s playing DB, it’s 3 steps and he’s looking at my back. Double move, 1-2-1-2, he’s on the ground, I’m 30 yards down field with my hand up trying to catch the eye of the QB.

So all in all, I guess it’s when, not if, I get the call from the League. Beijing, Shanghai, or another Chinese town. I’m there, just fund my plane ticket and food bill, thanks.


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