Mitch Trubisky Used An Old Bears QB’s Name To Hide His Secret Dinner With Ryan Pace

Via CBS:

Bears general manager Ryan Pace asked Trubisky to make a secret dinner reservation on behalf of the Bears’ contingent, which included Pace, coach John Fox, offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains, director of player personnel Josh Lucas, and quarterbacks coach Dave Ragone. Trubisky ended up settling on a steakhouse called Bin 54. Here’s the fun part: Trubisky used a fake name to book the group’s table to make sure nobody knew a dinner between the Bears and the top quarterback in the 2017 draft class was taking place. The fake name? James McMahon — as in Jim McMahon, the only quarterback to win a Super Bowl for the Bears.

I, too, was wishing it was Kordell Stewart. Or Cade McNown. Even a Craig Krenzel. But we got stuck with Jim McMahon.

This really wasn’t necessary, like at all. They’re saying the Bears showed “little public interest in Trubisky”, but everyone knew that they were at least thinking about drafting a quarterback. It wouldn’t have been shocking if photos came out of them eating. Plus, I don’t know that anyone in North Carolina would recognize the Bears front office guys. John Fox? Probably. But Dowell Loggains? I don’t even know what Dowell Loggains looks like, and I live in Chicago. On top of that, it didn’t really work. Because they gave the Niners the kitchen sink for Mitchell anyways.

They said the Bears front office were impressed that he picked Jim McMahon as the reservation name, because it showed “he did his research” (aka he watched that E:60 on concussions). But I disagree. Now, if he had put Sid Luckman on the reservation list, we’d have a different story. Could’ve just put his jersey up in the rafters at that point.


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