Stephen A Smith Went On Fox News To Debate Ted Nugent For…Some Reason

We suck.

Why has the sports world decided Charles Barkley and Stephen A are going to be our political representatives? Just the two loudest voices in the room. And it’s not to say that they’re incapable of having intelligent conversation (*Lil Dicky voice*). But we’ve got to be able to find someone more capable. I don’t even want to try and get into the substance of what Stephen A was saying, because most of it was talking points we’ve heard a million times before. Like the point about President Obama and Chicago? Overplayed, and not true. A reminder that just because you didn’t hear something , doesn’t mean that that something didn’t happen. So even though President Obama wasn’t talking about Chicago 12 hours a day when he was in office doesn’t mean he was ignoring the violence on the West and South sides of Chicago. (Not to mention Stephen A’s never been in Chicago for more than a weekend, so maybe he’s not the one to talk about it?)

The best part about this is that Stephen A was just complaining about having to travel to blowout basketball games, yet he’s willing to travel to the Fox News headquarters to talk about illegal immigration with a guy who seriously said President Obama and Hillary Clinton should be hanged. Scariest thing was that our President was probably watching, and getting policy ideas from it. Like we’re going to see Kwame Brown deported this weekend because the President’s going to google Stephen A Smith.


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