Kobe Helps A High Schoolers Get Out Of Final Exam, Does He Hate Education?

The Kobe I know doesn’t take shortcuts, or look for the easy way out. #NotMyMamba

Let’s get to the nitty gritty here, and the real story. Anybody who ever posts one of those “If we get 10,000 retweets we don’t have to take the final” ought to never get a job. When Crossover Report becomes a billion dollar company and we start interviewing people, this is a large dealbreaker. You’re a chump and the worst kind of social media person if you try and pull this stunt. Take the damn test. I’ll take it one step further. In about 15 years, we all ought to be googling our doctors and lawyers to make sure they never tried something like this. You’re gonna give me a prostrate exam, but you couldn’t take a high school math test? Hard pass friend.

But shoutout to Kobe and Nike for making this quote tweet happen, smart business decision. Almost makes Kobe likable.


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