This NBA-Themed ABC Book Is FUEGO

Where was this when I was growing up? Put this in my face when I’m 2 years old, and I’d be reading War and Peace by the time I was 2 1/2. One person I wouldn’t have put in this book: Karl Malone. Not the kind of person that I’m throwing in a children’s book, for like 47 different reasons. This is the kind of stuff that just makes me wish I was smart and had thought of this first. This is easy money. With Father’s Day right around the corner? Plus, it’s baby season (I have a theory that way more babies are born in the summer, but I better not right now)? Also, wish I could draw. Underrated super cool thing that people thought was lame in like 4th grade, but then you grow up and you just wish you could. Put me on the record as saying I’d be a millionaire kids book creator if I knew how to draw. “Well Paul why don’t you learn now?!” It’s too late in the game, that’s why. Help this guy out on his Kickstarter if you’re as jealous of his smarts as I am.


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