Gisele Bundchen Casually Revealed That Tom Brady Plays With Undisclosed Concussions

Oh no, it’s going to be ConcussionGate.

I don’t like making mountains out of molehills, but this isn’t really a molehill. The Patriots are infamous for fudging injury reports. Whether that’s leaving injuries off, or putting guys on when they didn’t really have injuries (I think there was a 5 year span where Brady was on every injury report as “Probable-Shoulder”), the Pats have been under heat for those shenanigans. If you don’t think that Roger Goodell’s petty enough to make this into a huge deal, then you don’t know Roger Goodell.

Even further, this highlights the issue with the concussion issue. NFL players no longer really have a case against the NFL’s concussion doctors. In the 80s or 90s, sure, maybe you don’t know what a concussion is or how to deal with one. But nowadays, you know when you have a concussion, and you know the effects. As much as I dislike the NFL’s attitudes towards concussion, we have to understand that what Tom Brady’s doing is happening weekly in the NFL. When we see Tom Brady dead at 60 because of CTE, we’ll have no one to blame but Tom Brady himself.


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