Adam Silver Has to Rig the Lottery for the Knicks and Lakers Tonight

Throwback Tuesday:

Every other industry does this. You think the FBI sends their best agents to Sacramento? No, they’re in New York. Where do musicians do the most shows? New York and LA. Where do cartels send the most resources to sell their drugs? New York and LA (allegedly). You send your best resources to the biggest markets to positively affect your interests, whether that’s security or money.

So with that being said, Adam Silver has to rig this lottery so that the Knicks and Lakers go 1 and 2. Just have to. Can’t let the Lakers drop out the top 3 to let that pick go to Philly. Two of the most famous franchises, in the two biggest markets in this country? For the sake of NBA fans, let’s pull some strings. Hell, pressure both teams into making the right picks while we’re at it. Waterboard Phil Jackson until he agrees to take a point guard, and not like Harry Giles first overall. Make the Lakers take Lonzo or Josh Jackson, don’t let them take Luke Kennard or something.

What we don’t need is Orlando sliding in at 1, Sixers at 2, Knicks at 3, and then Sixers via the Lakers at 4. Because the third pick is bust territory for the Knicks. And the Lakers not having a top pick would just make them miserable again next year. At some point, you’ve got to go to extraordinary lengths to make the league better. Plus with how they do the lottery nowadays, I’m pretty sure they just run some computer program. Tell Josh the 25 year old IT nerd that writes the software to fudge the numbers, and wow I just made the NBA another $100 billion.



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