Titans Players Allegedly Beat A Fan Unconscious On Draft Night After He Said They’ll Lose PT

Via Fox 17:

The lawsuit claims that Satterfield was out at the Tin Roof Nashville with Sharpe and Tretola on April 28, where the group was discussing the addition of Corey Davis to the Titans in the NFL draft. The conversation between the three became heated after Satterfield made comments about Sharpe getting less playing time because of Davis. The lawsuit says it was understood by all parties that Sharpe was upset by the Titans’ selection of Davis. According to Satterfield’s lawsuit, Sharpe and Tretola told Satterfield to follow them outside the bar just after midnight. Satterfield says in the suit that he “believed the group was headed outside for lawful purposes.” Satterfield claims he was beat up by the two Titans players in the alley behind Tin Roof. The lawsuit says he was punched in the face to the point of unconsciousness by Sharpe while Tretola served as a lookout. A passerby spotted Satterfield unconscious and unresponsive and called 911. Satterfield’s lawsuit says he suffered a concussion, broken bones in the face, massive facial bruising, a perforated eardrum and other injuries.

The Titans responded by saying that this is a “classic shakedown attempt”, which means these guys totally beat this guy unconscious. I mean, somebody beat this guy up. And either this guy’s pulling off an elaborate scheme that involved himself beating the crap out of himself, or the two Titans players beat him up.

Now, let’s discuss this. Did the guy deserve to get beat up? Yes, yes he did. If you’re a fan, you shouldn’t get to just say whatever you want and not expect to get roughed up eventually. I want to say it’s a Louis C.K. bit where he says judges should be able to say “you know what, I hate that too that guy deserved it”. These guys shouldn’t get charged with any sort of a crime. Some people need to get punched in the face from time to time, it’s what keeps us from just saying anything we want. Without that threat of getting punched, the world would be chaos and we’d all hate each other. Because they bit him unconscious, I’m all for them paying the medical bills. We have to draw the lines somewhere, I suppose.

BTW, here’s some of the text of the Lawsuit, via Deadspin:

titans players beating up.jpg


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