The Cavs Look Really Worried About Their Next Playoff Opponent

There are real actual people in live in Boston and Washington who think that their teams can beat this Cavs team. Even after watching this video. That’s laughable. Even further, that’s another reason to fund education.

Because this Cavs team is so casual that there’s no doubt in my mind they’ll never lose another Eastern Conference playoff game while they have Lebron. They’re a week away from the Conference Finals, kind of a big deal. And yet they’re doing geriatric exercises and dancing. It’s like when big college basketball teams take a few weeks in the offseason to play “professional” basketball teams. The coaches and players will say that it’s a great opportunity to get to play some real pros, but we all know it’s just an extended preseason. Cavs care less about who they’ll be playing in the ECF than intramural teams care about who their next game’s against, and that’s what champions do. Don’t let them tell you championship teams are always focused, that’s bologna. Teams that hit the folks together, beat the Warriors together.

Side note, what a gig for DJ Steph Floss to get paid a good chunk of change to just play the hip hop top 40 during the Cavs workout.

Side note side note: I no longer think he makes a “good chunk of change” because his Instagram’s mostly advertising Taco Tuesday nights at clubs:


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