Michael Oher Gets Booked For Blindsiding An Uber Driver


NFL lineman Michael Oher — the inspiration for the movie “The Blind Side” — turned himself in to police on Monday to be booked for allegedly roughing up an Uber driver. He looked pissed. The 30-year-old Carolina Panthers player had been cited over the April 14 incident in Nashville — in which the Uber driver claims Oher pushed him to the ground and kicked him after an argument about directions. Oher had received a citation for misdemeanor assault and had been ordered to appear for booking on May 8.  He showed up. He took a mug shot. Judging from the picture, he wasn’t happy.

*Extremely Michael Oher voice*

“It was time for me to go home”

First off, I hate people who argue about directions when the driver’s using GPS. “Oh why are you going this way it’s not the right way go that way”. Larry the Uber Driver is just trying to make enough cheddar to buy his granddaughter a new bike man, and making that money involves blindly following whatever Uber and Google Maps tells him to do. Let him live. There’s one of these stories every now and then with athletes. Patrick Kane beat up that cabbie over like 37 cents. But even more often with the general public. Even Uber’s CEO got in a fight with an Uber driver. What is it about getting driven in a car that ticks people off? Why do people get so angry in the backseat of cars?

I’ll tell you why, because they force themselves to be social and talk with the taxi/uber person. Time for us to stop that mess. I for one always enjoy a good conversation with the driver, mainly so I know whether they’re going to drive me into the country side and chop me up into filets. But look, that’s not everyone. And you’ve got to start being honest with yourself about that. If you don’t want to talk to your driver, just don’t talk to them. Put your headphones in. Act like you’re on the phone. Whatever works. Because that’s got to be how 99% of these fights start out. Just be anti-social already. Forcing small talk’s will cause World War 3, Civil War 2.0, or something of the sort.



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