The ’08 Celtics Talked Their Beef With Ray Allen Last Night, And It Sucked To Watch

NBA needs more of this. More honesty from players. Like if someone says “do you hate this person”, just say yeah (cough Lebron cough).

But at the same time, this stunk to watch. That ’08 Celtics team was one of the most fun teams in the history of sports to watch. They won one championship, but it felt like they were a dynasty. That little clip broke it up for me (but the 30 for 30 is going to be soooooooooooooo good). I just want that one good, seemingly perfect memory of a team. Don’t tell me there’s some hatred or that they don’t talk any more. Just let me believe that they’re all still friends.

Nonetheless, Ray Allen moved on a few years after and everyone got their feelings hurt. Like they said, it wasn’t that he did it, but how he did it. Fine. (even though by 2012, everyone knew the ship was starting to leave the port on the Celtics Big 3 (is that a reference people use?))But if they were such close friends, they would’ve known that that’s who Ray Allen is. Ray’s said in the past that because of how much he moved (as the part of a military family) in his childhood, that he doesn’t even have a home town. That he’s more comfortable moving around than staying in one spot. Because he never learned how to stay in one spot. So that being said, how can you be mad at the guy who doesn’t know how to settle in, for not settling in?



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