This James Harrison Video DEFINITELY Doesn’t Make Me Think He’s On Roids

I’d strongly advise you to not put the sound on for this video, because you can’t unhear the noises James Harrison makes in it.

That’s 1400 pounds. To make it more relevant, that’s like the size of a teenage moose. Terrible example, fine. Nobody south of northern Minnesota has ever seen a moose. Let’s try it again: that’s like 1400 pounds of cheese, or more specifically, about 22,400 things of string cheese.

But no, totally not at PEDs. What 38 year old can’t do that? We’re about 2 years away from the MLB allowing steroids, and the NFL can’t be far behind. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times (which is a phrase I’ve said a million times), it just makes sense from a business sense. Is it healthy? Is it a good idea? Should people do them? 3 for 3 it’s a no. But stuff like this shows they’re already doing it, so let’s just stop lying to ourselves.


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