Russell Westbrook Lied To Get A Free Birthday Dessert, Locking Up The MVP Trophy

So much respect for this. Big part of the MVP trophy for me is how cool the person is. It’s the Homecoming King and Queen of professional sports trophies. We already knew Russell Westbrook was cool as hell, but pulling one over on the wait staff to get a free dessert (when he probbly just spent $1,000 on dinner already)? Miles Davis-cool.

Also notable: what a free dessert spread that is. This isn’t your local Chili’s throwing you a stale piece of chocolate cake. If you’re lying about that, fine it was made by 17 year old high school student Tyler and it costs the restaurant maybe $0.34 to make. That free dessert in his wife’s snapchat? Pepe Le Pue from the Paris School of Baking spent 75 minutes just making the drizzled chocolate sauce, not to mention the cake. Cost them a Benjamin just for the flour they make it with.

Also also notable: who’s the person that follows Russell Westbrook’s wife on Snapchat? Big day for that person, who knew at some point or another they’d be the one with the scoop first.



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