In A Way Only He Could, Paul Pierce Sent Out A Few More Terrible Tweets To Bid Farewell To The NBA

Paul Pierce tweets like someone from 2008 tweeted. You know how you see someone’s text or a tweet, and it looks like it’s in a different font than everybody else’s? Immediately, you just know it’s them. You could’ve cut off the handle from that, and 99.9% of Twitter would have guessed that was Paul Pierce tweeting. Thankfully, we got some more:

We’re just talking basic punctuation and grammar here. It’s one thing to be a terrible tweeter, it’s another to overtly not know how to spell “were”. At this point, it was overtly clear Paul Pierce was tweeting from his flip phone. You know, how you could set up your phone number with Twitter if you didn’t have Internet on your phone, and then just text that number and it would tweet for you? That’s how we had all those great “thought I was sending a DM but it was actually a text” moments from the early days of Twitter. And that’s how we got the great Twitter storm of April 30th, 2017.

After watching Paul Pierce’s career, I always thought I’d remember him by his constant pump fakes, foul drawing, and clutch ability. Maybe by that Celtics championship, as he led arguably one of the best teams ever. Maybe by the fact he survived getting stabbed 9 times. But no. Here we are, with Paul Pierce’s career in the rearview, and I’m not hoping he comes back for another game, so I can see him hit a game winner or “teach these youngsters” (which is a phrase Paul must use 14 times a day). I’m just hoping he keeps tweeting.


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