ESPN Begins To Implode, Lays Off Some Really Good Journalists

Part of me thinks ESPN is run by Plaxico Burress, because we know that man loves to  shoot himself, the same thing ESPN is doing to itself right now. The once “worldwide leader in sports” began a major overhaul yesterday when it laid off over 100 employees, which means the beginning of the end. Names like Ed Werder, Pierre LeBrun and Scott Burnside all lost their jobs on Wednesday in a not-so surprising but still surprising move. The puzzling part of it is the fact that ESPN now wants to bring in new, young and ‘hip’ (as my dad would say) newscasters that are more “in with the times” (yes, he’d say that too). The only reason ESPN still has an audience is people watching the more recognizable names like Werder and LeBrun. Don’t get me wrong, I like watching SportsCenter as good background noise here and there, but its even more difficult to watch when a 26 year old rookie news anchor stutters his way across stage before mispronouncing Giannis Antetokounmpo’s name every chance he gets. Its also frustrating to see them basically lay off their entire hockey department (what they had left of it) in the middle of the playoffs. If ESPN and Disney hadn’t gotten their “Fuck Hockey” point across before, they definitely did now.

But hey, more time for LeBron and Curry, right? Apparently “innovation” is refusing to continue one of the 4 major sports. Seems like a bad decision, but what do I know, right? I’m just a blogger for the Crossover Report, remember? Now, if you’re a guy who likes pitching a tent in his pants over LeBron throwing down a dunk or Curry draining a three from half-court, ESPN is the source for you. You’ll be having a camping trip all year round. But, if you’re more interested in the entire sports world (yes, even women’s golf) there are plenty of other sites and shows to watch that truly care about the viewers opinion (Barstool, Fox Sports, Bleacher Report). Growing up I dreamed about being on SportsCenter, telling people about anything and everything sports no matter what it was. Now that things have changed, I don’t think anybody wants to be there anymore. Poor business decisions and terrible buy-ins for broadcastings rights to playoff games are going to kill the ESPN sooner rather than later, and its a real shame. But hey, we’re always open for new writers, even though we don’t have money!!!

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