We Should Have Another HOU-OKC Game So We Get More Patrick Beverley & Russell Westbrook

OKC vs. Houston shouldn’t be a 7 game series. That OKC supporting cast is just basura, and Westbrook hasn’t figured out a way to fix that other than shooting the ball 7489 times. Which I’m fine with, whatever, but just like Jeb!, there was no path to victory for them.

But what should be a 7 game series is Patrick Beverley vs. Russell Westbrook. That 8 seconds of fighting was the best 8 seconds of basketball this postseason yet. Aaaaaaand it’s all over with. In the first round. What an absolute tease that is. Why do the Clippers and Jazz get to have a deep series? Why do the boring people get the nice things? If Adam Silver knew anything, he’d make Russell and Pat Beverley do a press conference every single day until the NBA Finals where the only questions allowed are aboutΒ the other one. Would get better ratings than half these Playoff games. Stream them live on Twitter (you’re welcome I just saved your app). Have it sponsored by Straight Talk wireless (because they’re talking straight, are you catching on? I’m a deal maker, this is the art of the deal). Again, as I feel like I do every time I write about the NBA, you’re welcome Adam Silver for making you a billion dollars.


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