Chris Sale Is The New Pedro Martinez

We haven’t seen anything this jaw-dropping on the mound for the Red Sox in quite some time. Yes, Schilling, Lester and Porcello have been great in stretches in recent memory for the Sox, but nothing have come close to what Pedro Martinez did on the rubber for nearly a decade in a Boston uniform. Enter Chris Sale. While Sale may have had his run in with a pair of scissors back in Chicago, the second he steps on the mound he is virtually unhittable. In a time where David Price is collecting paychecks for sitting on his ass, Steven Wright’s knuckleball is moving less than my 83 year old grandfather and the rest of the staff is giving up moonshots to Machado and friends, Sale has stood above not only his own staff, but the rest of the league as well. Heading into his start on Wednesday night against the Yankees, Sale is posting an ERA of 0.91, a 0.71 WHIP and 42 strikeouts all in 29.2 innings. All of those stats are ranked in the top 3 of each category, the most impressive being the league-leading 42 strikeouts.

We knew Sale was a tremendous pitcher, but even he is reaching new milestones. In a full year last year with Chicago, Sale recorded 4 double digit strikeout games, all of which coming in August and beyond. We aren’t even a month into the 2017 season and Sale has already recorded 3 double digit strikeout games, which is absolutely incredible. However, his win/loss record at 1-1 is extremely misleading to how valuable he is to the team. Without Sale’s record in the rotation, the Red Sox would still be a respectable 10-7. At first glance, Sale seems completely invaluable and worthless currently, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It is in fact the Red Sox that are completely invaluable to Sale. In his four starts this year, the Red Sox are averaging 1.8 runs a game. In games not started by Sale, the Sox average 4.9 runs per game, a 3.1 run per game swing, which is a terrible waste of Cy-Young level pitching. The 1 loss credited to Sale was still an incredible started, with Sale going 7.2 innings, giving up only 2 earned runs on 5 hits and striking out 10. What a shitty performance, right? That line is comparable to other Sox starters, though instead of 7.2 innings it’s more to the affect of an inning or so.To have any success in the East this year, where the Yankees and Orioles are doing well early on, the Sox must take advantage of Chris “The Condor” Sale and his Pedro-esque performances. Even Pedro himself said Chris Sale is worth the ticket price to go watch, which is a lot coming from that guy. God bless and Go Sox


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