Must Watch Movie Of The Week: Do Not Resist

One thing I don’t like: institutional racism. One thing I do like: documentaries without narrators. It puts the decision making back into the hands of the viewers, and I appreciate that.

Do Not Resist does a good job of showing you, first hand, just how out of hand we’ve allowed the militarization of our police to go. Swat raids are up something like 70,000 from just 30 years ago according to the movie. Towns throughout the nation have the same weapons and tanks that we’ve used in wars. To demilitarize the police isn’t to “hate police” or not care for their safety, but rather to care about the safety and well being of each and every person in the U.S.

And there’s reasons to the police militarization that are multi-faceted, deep rooted, and complex. There’s money from defense contractors that go to the politicians who are deciding that we should be buying these weapons for every small town in America. There’s the “muscle flexing” and fear factor that many use to justify this militarization. That’s the same fear that politicians use when to scare you into voting for them, because if you don’t then ISIS will be on your doorstep the day after. And yes, there’s institutional racism to it as well. There’s literally a part in the movie where the officers in Ferguson are requiring people to “keep moving”, and saying that “if they stay in one spot, they will be arrested”. Those same protesters were getting tear gassed. Westboro Baptist church spews obscenities at funerals of fallen soldiers, at gay pride parades, and every event imaginable, but I’ve never seen even a pair of handcuffs on them. You figure out what the big difference between those two groups are.


Maybe I’m missing something, maybe I live in a bubble, or maybe I’m just naive. I can promise you I’m not an expert, so you better just watch it for yourself, and make up your own mind, because I know you’re not on Crossover Report to hear me talk about police militarization. Unfortunately, it’s not on Netflix, but you can find it here (make sure you have an adblocker on, and be careful. Crossover Report’s not liable for anything that may happen)


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