Robert Kraft’s Willing To Give Up Any Respect The Pats Have, In The Name Of Donald J. Trump

White House trips are always blown out of proportion. It’s stupid, but traditional, and it’s a symbol of how deep sports run in our society.

This felt a little more underwhelming than when Obama was President, maybe because he at least seemed like he watches sports (Trump praised Belichick for “going for 3” not once, but twice), and he was just a cooler dude than Trump. Debate the politics, but Obama was just a cooler, funnier dude.

That being said, there was no way it was going to go off without controversy. And what a surprise, it was about crowd size again!

Cheap ploy by New York Times for retweets? Sure. They knew what they were doing. I mean, it’s not technically “fake news”, because the Patriots rebuttal had nothing to do with what the New York Times was saying, and didn’t disprove the point made by the Times, because they weren’t comparing the Donald Trump size to the George W. size. Comparing the Pats picture with this very unpopular president to their picture with another very unpopular president isn’t a good gauge. Look at that Obama picture closely. Even if you don’t count the coaches in the Obama picture, my rough count was 45 players on the roster that went to Obama’s White House. That’s a huge difference.

But at the end of the day, who cares? Who’s insecure and petty enough to care about something like football players not liking you? Or, rather, who cares that athletes liked your predecessor more than you? The leader of the free world, of course. You’re right, he hasn’t tweeted anything (yet). But when was the last time you saw the Patriots get involved in something political? Like, even talk about anything political. Hell, talk about anything but next week’s game. Now, all of a sudden, the PATRIOTS decide that they’re going to make it their duty on Twitter to correct political pundits? The no-nonsense, only talk about football football football PATRIOTS are going to get involved in politics now?

This is Robert Kraft, close friend of The Donald and Vladimir Putin, informing his employees that this is the hill he’s ready to die on. That with whatever positive reputation of the Pats that might still remain, after the constant cheating allegations, he’s going to burn it down to go into a fight over crowd size. All to please his friend, and the most polarizing figure in the entire world, Donald J Trump.


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