Savvy Move By Sean Spicer To Have Gronk “Crash” His Press Briefing

Maybe the one smart decision made by the Trump administration so far. Even if you’re not into politics, you know Press Secretary Sean Spicer is what we Italians call a “gagootz”. Just dumb thing after dumb thing, which makes the whole White House look even worse.

That being said, this is a hell of a move to get some good press. No doubt in my mind that Spicy asked Belichick to help with some mid-game adjustments, and that he came up with this plan where Gronk pops his head in to the press conference. There’s no way Gronk just does that without someone telling him. You think he even knows what a press secretary does? The reporter was asking a serious question about Iran, and Gronk comes in with jokes. If I’m the Donald, I’m doubling Gronk’s Pats salary to bring him in full time just to help Spicer get out of tough questions.

Reporter: “Sean, North Korea just tested another nuclear missile, what does the President-”

Gronk: “Hey folks! 69 69 69! Any one want to shotgun some Natty Lights”

Spicer: “Haha classic Gronk, next question.”

Also, savvy move by the Pats. Gets the news off of talking about another Patriots tight end, and gets them talking about this wacky mush-brain tight end. Win-win.


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