Pats Fan Refuses To Let ESPN Use His Patriots Tweet For The Best Reason Possible

Have you guys noticed I’m getting better at writing click-bait headlines? Like you could post that headline on Buzzfeed and it would fit right in.

Sign is funny, I guess. What’s the purpose of it? Just as a reminder? I don’t know, he’s got me stumped too. Nonetheless, ESPN thought they needed it. A couple things here: if this @advil guy didn’t have 86,000 followers, he’d absolutely be letting ESPN use that photo. Because there’s nothing cooler than seeing your Twitter handle on ESPN. As someone who went semi-viral this weekend, I’d be all in if ESPN wanted to use our tweet. So we can praise him for standing up to lame ESPN, but let’s remember this is like Donald Trump donating his presidential salary. It’s all for retweets and likes. (and yes, I’m confused as to why he hasn’t sold @advil yet to Advil for a million dollars)

Secondly, how stupid is ESPN still thinking that you have to ask people to use their photos? Fun fact: there are no laws on the Internet any more. It’s gotten too big for laws to apply. Internet laws are the same as jaywalking laws. Breaking it got so common that people don’t enforce them any more, unless they’re looking for a reason to inconvenience that person. Do I want to one day be a super rich blogger? Yes, of course. But if that means that we’ll have to start asking people for permission to use their tweets/videos/pictures, I’d rather just stay here in our own little nook of the Internet.

If you’re wondering, he got what he wanted:


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