Texas Spending $10,000+ PER LOCKER In Updated Football Locker Room

There’s the obvious thing to talk about, but we’re not going to talk about that first. Let’s instead talk about how this locker STINKS as a locker. Honestly looks like what I imagine a stripper’s locker looks likes. Super bright lights, a seat that looks uncomfortable, and that probably holds in a lot of the stink from the day’s activities. No football player needs all those little compartments and doors and nonsense. They’re just going to get broken. Then the TV on top drives me through the roof, because I’m thinking of this 100+ person locker room, with everyone having something different on their TV. 100 different stations means 100 different noises. I need an aleve just thinking about it.

Fine, we’ll talk about the obvious. Guaranteed, every person in that locker room would rather have just a wooden bench as their locker, but a $10,500 check for their services, instead of this stripper locker and no money in exchange for what they’ve done for the University of Texas. Especially because, again, these lockers STINK.


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