Shocker, ORU Hoops Started Stinking After Not Letting Tattooed & Non-Devout Christians Play

I’m all for Jesus, let’s start there. Huge fan of the Holy Trinity and the greater powers that be.

But being able to understand that there are people that aren’t currently devout Christians, and thus barring them from attending your university, isn’t how Christianity’s meant to work. Go ahead and do whatever you want, we’ve got a whole free country thing that we do here. But you can accurately represent a Christian university and its values without knowing what verses the Sermon in the Mount are in the Bible. And then the tattoo thing? That’s so old and outdated that it makes your whole school look silly.

It’s obvious that Oral Roberts will just suck at basketball now, because what good basketball player doesn’t have a tattoo (oh and there’s lots of baketball players who aren’t devout Christians), Also obvious: Oral Roberts probably doesn’t care, and that’s fine also. Firing the coach for sucking though? You basically gave him 2 years to recruit the best CYO players and turn them into a D-1 basketball team.


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