This Bears Fan That Can Tell You Any Bears Score Since 1999 Is Doing God’s Work

If this turns out to be a Barstool prank, I’m not going to be a very happy camper.

But with that in the back of my head, I’ll say this is one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen. Because you see the guys on ESPN naming every Super Bowl MVP, or every Perfect Game ever. Those are big moments in sports history. But memorizing the score of something so unbelievably sad and depressing as the Bears scores from the past 17 seasons? Talk about doing God’s work, this guy is a Christ figure for carrying around all that information in his head, just in case our world needs it one day. I doubt that it’s even on the Bears website or Wikipedia. That’s how little people care about the last 17 Bears seasons (except 2005 of course). Just in terms of memory, I couldn’t tell you what t-shirt I wore yesterday, so this impresses the hell out of me.

Should go without saying, but I checked none of these guys numbers, I’m just assuming they’re right. Another great example of that you can say anything you want with confidence, and I’ll probably believe you.


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