Netflix Watch Of The Week: The Fundamentals Of Caring

Took off the “must-watch” because I felt that was too aggressive for some of the movies I’ll have on here. Burning Sands? That was a must watch. Fundamentals of Caring? Okay, you don’t HAVE to watch it. But like, hear me out.

Paul Rudd’s the most underrated actor of our generation. Him and Jason Sudeikis. Both uniquely funny and witty, and immensely underappreciated. This movie proves it once again. Guy just churns out these movies that have big laughs, but make you feel all sorts of warm and fuzzy at the end of it all. Here’s your synopsis: Paul Rudd becomes the caregiver for a kid with muscular dystrophy (please don’t yell at me if I mixed up the diseases I’m trying ok?). Kid’s super sarcastic. They go on a road trip. Shenanigans ensue. My thing with Netflix is that if the movie’s not a thriller (like Burning Sands was), it’s gotta be something I can watch on half my screen while I make asinine statements on our Twitter account. And this movie works for me on that level. 10/10 recommend, happy viewing!



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