I, Paul Lamb, Am Officially Declaring For The NBA Draft

Really, a dream come true for me. Ever since I was a small child, I’ve wanted to go undrafted in the NBA draft. And folks, here we are. Today was the day.

According to Complex, any one can enter the draft, all you have to do is go ahead and send an inquiry to the league, as an underclassmen, declaring yourself for the draft. So that’s what I did:

applying for nba draft.png

Valid point: they haven’t gotten back to me yet, and maybe I should’ve waited to write the article until they got back to me. But I needed this on the web so that teams know my commitment and my drive while they get their draft boards ready. If you’re an NBA exec, you’re probably asking “why should we draft you?”

Oh boy, let me answer you:

  1. You don’t ever have to let me in the game, that’s fine I won’t complain
  2. I’ll buy my own socks and shoes
  3. I’ll increase your roster beard percentage by as much as infinity percent
  4. Most days I smell alright
  5. I just made a hefty $15 purchase of a bluetooth speaker that I’m willing to allow the team to use on every other road trip

Those are intangibles you’re not going to find from some 6’7″ guy with a 45″ vertical. You think Josh Jackson’s letting people sometimes use his speakers? Doubtful to say the least.

Fine, you probably want the measurables and basketball stats that you can regurgitate out to the lame street media.

  • 5’8.5″ (that .5 means the entire world to me; without it I’m nothing, please leave it in)
  • 170 lbs.
  • 5″-20″ vertical
  • PPGWSBM (Points Per Game While Shooting By Myself): 47

Now my friends, we wait, hopefully not very long, for the league to get back to me with the full forms to apply. As a back up, I’ve also applied for the Australian basketball league draft and the Filipino basketball league draft as backups, and am trying to figure out how to translate the page for the Norweigan Basketball League so I can figure out the contact info. Updates to follow (everyone @ every NBA team and exec you know, thanks).


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