The Killer B’s Are Taking Over Baseball

The Boston Red Sox own the best outfield in all of baseball, and honestly it’s not even close. Andrew Benintendi is the front-runner for Rookie of the Year, Mookie Betts is coming off a year in which he was the runner-up for MVP and Jackie Bradley Jr. kept his name relevant with his staggering 29-game hitting streak last summer. What’s even more unbelievable is all 3 members are 26 years old or younger, the oldest being Bradley Jr. at 26, and Benintendi being only 22. In the season opener against Pittsburgh, the trio went 3-for-10 with 2 walks and 3 RBI’s, the total amount coming from Benintendi 3-run shot in the 5th. That home run, however, wouldn’t have come about without a 2-out triple from Bradley Jr. Having a Killer B at the beginning, middle and end of the lineup creates a ridiculous amount of problems for opposing pitching staffs, which was very evident on Monday. Having a potential ROY, MVP and multiple Gold Gloves in the same outfield is absolutely unheard of. Dombrowski was very smart in not including Benintendi in the Sale trade, even though Sale himself is the preseason pick for AL Cy Young. With endless amounts of money sitting in John Henry’s estate, paying Betts whatever ridiculous amount of money he wants is more than manageable, the same being said for Bradley Jr. at the end of his contract (although he won’t warrant as much per year as Betts). It’s easy to assume Betts will ask for at least 7 or 8 years at close to 20 million a year (likely 8 years, $160 million with the majority being guaranteed), and Bradley wanting between 4-6 years at around $10-12 million a year (predictably 5 years, $60 million with the mass of it being deferred to the end of the contract). The good news being that Benintendi, who isn’t in his prime yet, has multiple years left on his rookie contract, which means 20-25 homers, a .300 average and a handful of defensive gems every year for the league minimum until his contract expires in 2022, but expect an extension before then if he keeps his play the way it is. The Boston Red Sox are in prime position to keep their star-studded outfield together for years to come, and hope that core group of guys will get the Red Sox multiple World Series titles.



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