CNN’s Using College Basketball’s One-And-Done Rule To Describe What’s Going On In Syria


It’s late on a Thursday night, a time we don’t usually like to post articles. But when you see a video this dumb, that is literal “you have to see it to believe it” quality, you leave us with no choice.

Lots of bad stuff going on in Syria (biggest understatement since Tom Brady’s draft grades). Kinda feels like we’re bout to get involved in another decade long mess of a situation. Lucky or unlucky for us, though, we sorta know what’s going on there. Like as a general public, it feels like everyone knows at least the jist of it. Because we’ve got pictures, and we’ve been talking about it 5ever. However, for some reason, this guy thought our dumb faces needed an explanation in terms of the only thing we could possibly understand: sports. I don’t even know what the analogy was, something about how we’re going to blow up their military bases, but not just 1. It’s so incredible that this guy pulled out a sports reference considering the subject matter that I’m baffled to even come up with a take on it.

Feels like this guy’s a big sports analogy guy, so I’ve lined up a couple for him:

  1. “S/he could’ve just been pulling a Coach K” (during a campaign, fake an injury or ailment to get public sympathy on your side) 
  2. “They’re treating him like he’s the best recruit in the country, and they’re Nick Saban” (analogy: rich people giving someone lots of money/things to do things)
  3. “This bill’s a total Derrick Rose” (it has no legs to stand on)

You’re welcome.


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