Brazilian Soccer Team Replaces Jersey Numbers With Local Grocery Store Deals

My big dumb brain thought “wow $10.98 for a pizza’s ridiculous, you can get 5 Jack’s frozen pizzas for $5 sometimes at Ultra”. But, and pay attention because this might surprise you, they don’t use the same currency in Brazil as we do here in America. I can happily report to you that after some research, that’s a very reasonable price to pay for a frozen pizza.

But also, who knew that there wasn’t a word for shampoo in Portuguese? That leads me to believe that shampoo’s not necessary, but just something invented by unilever or whoever to sell more stuff (don’t worry, I’ve got a whole shampoo article in the pipeline). Overall, I respect the hustle from the team. First rule of getting your money is not being afraid of the source that it’s coming from. Most teams would be embarrassed to have a buy one get one loaf of bread deal on their back during a game, but if that’s where the money’s coming from then you’ve got to go and get it.

Surprised that it’s 2017 and we don’t have cartels advertising on teams’ jerseys yet:

“1 kilo of coke for $5,000” now entering the game for “5 machine guns for $10,000”

p.s. @FBI I don’t know if these are actual prices I know nothing about that sort of business please don’t kick in my door tonight.



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