The “Kaepernick Vegan” Story Is Probably Fake, Maybe He Just Stinks At QB

This wreaks of a story planted by an agent to pressure teams into signing Kaepernick. Brady’s vegan, so is the Honey Badger. It’s easy to just see that story and say “oh teams are just looking for any reason to not sign him”. There’s simply no way that it’s true.

Because here’s the reality: Colin Kaepernick got benched for Blaine Gabbert two years ago, before he became a voice of social change. Sure, he won the job back, but getting benched for a guy like Gabbert’s was certainly a sign of a bigger issue. Last year, some of the stats weren’t bad. Kap had 16 tds and 4 ints, a good ratio. But his QBR was 55 last year, and 47 the year before that. That’s not great. But more than that, I don’t know if Kap and his agent realize that it’s not great, because do you really think he’s willing to get a 1/3 of the salary that he had in San Fran? It’s the Derrick Rose syndrome, when players don’t realize they’ve fallen off what they once were. Derrick Rose can’t dunk anymore, and shouldn’t get the max contract he thinks he deserves this summer. Colin can’t throw a 10 yard out, and won’t get the contract he thinks he deserves. This isn’t Super Bowl Kaepernick, it’s just back-up quarterback Kaepernick now. That’s the reality of the situation.

In all, it’s wild that Mike Glennon’s getting $14 mil/year, but that Kap still hasn’t found a team. But it’s April, let’s relax. Come preseason, he’ll be on a roster. For a lot less than he thinks he deserves.


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