LPGA Golfer Gets 4-Shot Penalty Because Some Low Life At Home Called In A Rule Violation

Every one and their mother knows that golf’s rules that allow people to call in rules violations is the dumbest thing in all of sports. I don’t watch golf, and I know that this rule stinks. Because some guy sitting at home going frame by frame through a person picking a putt up and putting it down in like .5 seconds real time shouldn’t be allowed to dictate the game. As blatant as it may look in the replay, watch it in real time:

I don’t want to know what buddy was zooming in on when he caught that, but how does any one just catch that in real time? Goes without saying, but this guy’s the worst kind of the person. The kind of guy that makes a fuss when he only gets 7 pieces of turkey instead of 8 on his subway sandwich. Not to make it a sexual thing (but to totally make it a sexual thing), there’s a group of golf viewers who get aroused from doing stuff like this, right? I’d estimate 150 old white guys sitting in their basement just on the edge of their seats, a couple laptops open, going frame by frame through every putt. No sport where every violation’s called is fun. On top of that, few rules in sport are meant to not bend at all.

Nonetheless, here I am talking about an LPGA event, so maybe this was all a plant job, just to get any one talking about this. Well played, LPGA, well played.


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