Eastern OK St. Bros Call Texas A&M Bullpen, Get Them To Warm Up A Pitcher

Call me an idiot, but the bullpen phones are actually phones? Like, they have numbers that you can dial? I figured they were just a more sophisticated two cans on a string situation. What a waste of money to pay for phone service all the time if you’re just using it to call one number. Why not just get a disney phone that can call 3 numbers? You’re welcome baseball teams, helped you save some money.

The valley to peak in this video’s incredible. Guy on the phone almost collapses when he realizes he says the name of a guy that’s in the dugout, and would be just steps from the coach calling. And then, they see him running out to the bullpen and it’s nothing less than euphoric (dictionary check) in that room. Life doesn’t get better than that, it just doesn’t. I realize it’s lame to call them “bros” in the title. I’m aware, thanks for bringing it to my attention. But the way they reacted? That’s just bros being bros, no other way to describe it.

Craziest thing to me is that this guy sat on this video for 2 YEARS:

To me, that’s preposterous (Stephen A voice). Like inventing the iPhone but waiting 2 years to sell it just because you feel like it. Incredible either way (and please don’t let it be an April Fools joke please please please)


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