Why’s Julian Edelman On LinkedIn? Let’s Investigate

Out here going through LinkedIn just trying to expand the personal brand. Doing adult stuff like building a network and shit (which is a sentence an interviewer will some day ask me about after they’ve googled “Paul Lamb linkedin”, followed by the question “why were you so hard on Steph Curry” but it’s fine, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there). A link to one page and then another, and I stumbled upon a certain Patriots wide receiver:

julian edelman.png

The thing with LinkedIn is that it’s not really a place for famous people. It’s not Twitter where for your brand, it’s a good place to be. Most likely, Edelman made it in college, because he (like most people) didn’t think a 5 foot whatever white guy with just average speed and all around ability coming out would last this long in the league. But still, that’s a recent picture. And his bio says he lives in Foxborough. If nothing else, this just made Edelman seem like a nerd to me. Which is great, that’s what I want from my white wide receivers. Dorky, nerdy, whatever. Be a loser, that makes you a million times more relatable. Maybe he knows that, and that’s why he’s on LinkedIn. Or he’s looking to leave New England (ESPN better put “first reported by Crossover Report” if Edelman ever leaves New England now).

But here’s the real question: can I coerce Julian into adding me back on LinkedIn? Let’s check out my strategy:

julian edelman 1.png

General enough that I don’t give myself away, but specific and confident enough that he’ll think I might actually be something. Guy’s had so many concussions, no way he can remember half the stuff that goes on in his life. I know, you’re saying “well Paul won’t he just click on your profile and see that you’re not somebody he’d be doing business with?” To that, I say, believe in something. For once in your life, believe in something. Updates to come.


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