Netflix Must Watch Of The Week: Burning Sands

Okay so new article series here, because I need all our readers to get on the same wavelength as me. For now, we’re starting it as Netflix must watch of the week, but that’s eventually going to change and you might have to go to some shady parts of the Internet with me to watch some of these movies  (get your head out of the gutter immediately). What a great trip it’s going to be.

I’d been wary in the past about Netflix originals, because there’s a lot of terrible ones out there. Especially with the TV shows. For every House of Cards, there’s like 10 terrrrrrrible shows. But in the movie department, we’re getting there. And Burning Sands is a great foot in the door:

I’ve been to the darkest depths of the Internet. To say I’ve “seen some shit” would be an understatement. That being said, it takes a lot for a movie to legitimately shake me, to the point that it sticks with me for a week or so after. Burning Sands, still, is stuck in my head. A quick synopsis for those of you that were too lazy to watch the 2 1/2 minute trailer: 5 guys go through the hazing (torture) to get into a fraternity. And things don’t go right, culminating in an ending that will literally drop your jaw. Great movie to watch when it’s raining, not really a Spring movie either so watch it now now now while it’s still kinda cold and cloudy. I don’t know what else to say to describe it, without giving away the whole movie (I’m new to this movie review thing give me a freaking break). Happy viewing!


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