Bosnian Guy Breaks Cinder Blocks With Head Over And Over And Over And…

Like most of you, I woke up this morning wondering what folks in Bosnia were up to. And where Bosnia was. Among a million other things.

Sky News says this was the world record for cinder blocks smashed with your head, but I can’t imagine there’s more than one other person that’s ever attempted this with the Guinness people in attendance. Maybe the cinder block breaking community’s looking at this like “what a chump, I should’ve called the Guinness people and had them watch me”.

Which is how I’ve always thought about breaking a world record. Find something that nobody’s ever been on record attempting, do it easily, and say you hold a world record. Is anyone currently in possession of the most time wearing the same pair of socks? Doubtful. I’ll just get folks down here, wear my socks for a normal period of time (aka 4 days), and then get the record. Sure, someone from West Virginia will easily break the record by wearing their socks for 8 years straight. But for a moment, I’ll have a world record.



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