Twitter Crucified Me For Saying Self and Cal Moved Towards The Hot Seat, But I Lived To Tell The Story

Needless to say, folks were not pleased:

Others were less talkative:

Can confirm, Linda did unfollow.

Let’s get down to brass tacks: I’m aware that it’s a hot take to say Calipari or Bill Self are close to getting fired. Hot takes are where I reside. But year after year, it just feels like Kentucky and Kansas disappoint. It’s a Scott Brooks or Tom Thibodeau type of disappointment. The teams are great, but they’re not playing as great as they should. Elite Eights are not what Kentucky and Kansas basketball are about, right? And at some point, it’s time to get past that. Now’s not the time for either team. However, that Kansas and that Kentucky team were, in my opinion, head and shoulders the best two teams in this tournament. Most talent through and through. Kentucky gets a tough loss last night, fine. The Calipari half was way more of a stretch. Still disappointing? Sure, but everyone gets caught up in the recruits at UK that he’ll be safe as long as All-Americans keep going there. (and that’s such low hanging fruit for UK fans to start blowing up your mentions, I couldn’t resist)

Kansas losing to a roughed up Oregon team though? After getting bumped in the second round the two years previous? Saying that the guy running those teams took a step towards the hot seat is ridiculous? That’s the hottest take y’all have heard? One response I heard was “well who would replace either of them?” If that’s the only reason you’re keeping your coach, then you have no good reasons to keep your coach.

There’s a big difference, and I hope my Twitter enemies are listening (jk they all unfollowed us), between someone saying that a coach is on the hot seat, and saying that a coach took a step towards the hot seat. My main point was that after this weekend, for the first time in each of the guy’s tenures, the AD may have had a fleeting thought about whether that coach was still the best fit. Maybe for a moment, or for a millisecond, they questioned Calipari and Bill Self. THAT is a guy taking a step towards the hot seat.

The defense rests. Bring in the dancing lobsters.

dancing lobsters


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